The heroes of Senshi Muyo

have valiantly battled Ironsbane, preventing his release. However,the farming world of aijur lies in ruins, devastated in jurai's attack, with a death toll in the millions.

Jurai's emperor died in the attack, plunging Jurai into a civil war. Crown Prince Orsen, Knight General Anark, and Emperess Yin Chei all vie for the throne.

The Rohr continue their war with Dark Jurai, a tide that continues to press at many Dark Juraian worlds. The Emperor Anoron has taken personal command, though without a clear sense of where they are coming from, it is a defensive war that the Dark Jurai are ill suited for.

The world of Neth has been taken into Dark Jurai, and our heroes hope it will serve as a vital trade link with the Techoren Federation.

Can our heroes triumph, or will they be doomed to failure?