The Juraian empire is well established and covers many territories in space. It is the second largest of the super five powers and boasts an impressivly large military. Its rule has been mostly unquestioned within its dominion for eons and so the race has been able to flourish and grow. Many worlds are considered part of the Juraian empire, often without there choosing, sometimes without there knowledge.


While small skirmishes can, and do still occur, no military action has tested the might of the entire Juraian army in over 200 years. As such questions have been raised as to the combat readiness of such a fleet. However unlike some other races the Jurai personally police the territories of there space, ensuring its welfare and safety.


The Juraian lifestyle is one of artistic perfection. Born to peaceful worlds with long lifespans, substandard work is unacceptable within the society. Many of the alliances greatest craftsmen exist within Juraian lands.

A relatively open race, community togetherness is a strong part of the culture, with communal bathhouses serving popular spots of relaxation. While both genders are supposedly viewed equally the military still mostly consists of male soldiers with females encouraged to take less combative roles.

Respect is a major part of the culture, to ones elders, to the traditions, to nature and to the Emperor. Religious worship is strong, with most Juraian's paying heed to Tsunami, the goddess of heaven, yet even stronger is the beloved admiration the people pay to there Emperor, who is almost deifed in there society.

Sub Empires

High Elves

It seems many of the high elven worlds that exist today are within Juraian space. Over the centuries it appears the high elves have been slowly coming together, various worlds electing councils of mages, the Archmage of each council convening to form a type of supreme council. To what end is unknown. So far the high elves have unquestioningly bowed to the sovienty of the jurai.

Military: Lacking galatic ships of any kind one could be forgiven for writing off the high elves as any form of military power. Though there numbers are scattered, on the ground, they are deadly. Possessed of a martial skill equal to the Jurai, equipped with deadly archers, and most inportantly, wielding devastating magics, even the more advanced races have been forced on occesiona to give pause to the fury of this race. To date the Jurai hold no interst in the militry of elves.

Culture: Despite the protection of the Jurai many elves are born to times of trouble and looming war. As a result many are a scholarly type often seeking greater magics or the developments of new fighting techinques, or prehaps the rediscovery of old.

Like the Jurai, the elves share a dedication in the perfection of there arts. However unlike the Jurai theres is born through nessacity, as the delicate magics they weild demand nothing less than absolute perfection, both in its casting and in the creation of magic items. As such high elves have little tolerence for foolish mistakes and this often makes them come off as arrgoent.

The high elves possess an affanity with nature, and so long as this is respected they are free spirited and open minded. They share the cultural openness of Jurai, but quickly become shy and secretive in the pressence of outsiders. Unlike the Jurai the elves believe in true quaility, with males and females filling pretty much the same tasks and duties within society.


The Hane are dying race. Almost all the ones that remain are within the Juraian systems because of the protection the Jurai allowed them against the murderous forces of the legion. Still hunted there are no Hane worlds, only secret floating city/fortress's hidden on backwater worlds.

Military: The mistake many make is that the Hane are without defense. They possess specks of lost elder maugi knowledge, allowing there flying cities and rumored weapons of war. They understand the secrets of crafting magical Kyojins warmachines, and there wars wield the destructive powers of wind and lighting.

Culture: Since the death of the Hane goddess to the Lord of Slaughter Asrifel, the Hane have been mercilessly hunted. There civilzation collasped into anarchy and chaos as the remaining leadership bickered about the right course of action, now each city exists as an indepdent state, concerned only with its own survival.

All Hane are concerned with there races civil and what tomorrow might bring, even under the protection of Jurai there enemy sometimes finds them, and only some of the time do the Jurai arrive in time.

As such the Hane are naturaly secretive, keeping much to themselves. They have avoided the poltics of the alliance to date, as much for there own protection as it is out of disinterest. But there is one thing all Hane can agree on. The burning hated of the God Asrifel.