World Walkers


The empire of the elder remeberus, aka the world walkers, is older than any other existing kingdom of the great alliance. Despite its history, its strength has long since faded and no known location of its worlds is recorded to the other races. The location the World Walkers reported upon the creation of the great alliance was a farse and has raised suppession agaisnt them. The size of the World Walkers, while suspect as small, is entirly unknown.


It is questionable if the World Walkers even have a militry sinces its unknown if they possess any worlds of there own. No World Walker spacecraft or vechile has knowningly been seen and it is assumed they have none. Still with rare expection all encountered world walkers have been of expectional skill and equipped with items taken from countless races. If they have an army, who know the limits of its arsenal.


World walkers are beings of extreme curiosity, with a desire to learn and collect. Most walkers are unique in there areas of interest but many share common fields and almost all report in there findings to some sort of grand library, which has been refference in passing conversations.

It is believed that world walker society is split into "houses" the exact number is unknown but there appears to be five domiant ones. These houses represent common forms of interest and so various walkers with similar topics of desire gather together in these groups to further there knowledge.

Walker personilites run the gambit of attitudes, but many are master diplomates and capable of blending in with surrunding culture exceedingly well. The biggest problem with meeting a world walker is knowing that you meet one in the first place.

Sub Empires


Sometime ago the Cetra empire was consumed by a devastating catacylusim. Though victorious against an unknown evil, the cost of victory strike a fatal blow to a once glorious kingdom. The Cetra were shattered, numbers reduced feebly low, their worlds lost to them. The world walkers embraced this dying race, sharing some of there homes with them.

Military: The Cetra fiield no militry units, for they do not exist as an organised empire, only as individuals. Still, this is prehaps fortunate, for despite any human like similarties the Cetra are possessed of supernatural might. Vastly stronger than any normal being, coupled with natural regenative and energy manipulative powers, the Cetra are a force to be reckoned with.

Culture: Much of the Cetras cultures, knowledge and technology has become lost to them since the collapse. Devoid of any leaders or center of power there is nothing to guide or focus the interests of this race. It is also apparent that while many do share the "worlds" of there elder benefiactors, they are not aloud to take part in that society.

Free spirited and with a lacking sense of home, many Cetra take to the stars, living amongest other races in attempts to find there own place of belonging. For most it is a lonly life, surrounded by others different to themselves they seldom succeded in acceptence.

Cetra are enagetic and easily excitable. They love action and adventure, anything that breakes from the normal pace of day to day society. It is not surprisingly that they hold a reliash for combat with there natural efficenty, and it is well advised a Cetra can be easily angered and is prone to voilent outbursts when done so.