Dark Jurai

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Unlike there sister race, the Dark Jurai do not hold many worlds. Until some 200 years ago, with the signing of the Juraian peace treaty, they only held a few outposts on a scattering of worlds. Since then the race has undergone an expanonist boom, despite the many wars heaped upon it. Now the DJ hold cities and fortress's on the various worlds and systems surronding its inner cluster. Still, compartive to the empires actuall power, this sphere of control is quiet small


The might of the Dark Jurai has been tested through countless wars. Trained from childhood to be warriors, and forged in the fires of generations of warfare the Dark Jurai are force to be reckoned with. Almost all there soldiers are highly experieced and some of the most well trained in all of the alliance. Marital specialists the Dark Jurai excel in close quarter combat.


The Dark Jurai culture is one of Honor, respect, and desciplane. It is also one of female domiance. Males still hold the same rights, and indeed an emperor rules, but the militry consists primarly of woman and the society reflects that.

Religous worship has find its way into this society, respect paid admirably to its warrior god Emperor Anoron, and the Goddess's Mystic and Sanura. Interstingly enough the races primary Goddess Dark Tsunami, the lady of Fate, recives few prayers, but is often invoked in common lip service.

Like the Jurai, the Dark Jurai are culturaly open race, enjoying arts and various music's. More Tolerant of the ways of others they understand the natural order of life and try to keep with it. The quickest way to insult a DJ is to insult his honor.

Sub Empires

The Netomi

The original worlds of the Netomi where long lost to the murderous hordes of the demonic Decorous, and it was only through the course of this war that the Netomi encountered and allied with the Dark Jurai. With the war over the Netomi settled first on Dark Juraian, then later founded several of their own.

Military: The Netomi are an odd combination of monk like desciplane, and advanced militry hardware. They possess exceeindly powerful laser and gravitional weaponry amongest there arsenal, coupled with lighitng reflex's and mentally condationed minds. The Netomi, as a race, has choosen to act the role of galatic police for the Dark Jurai, a role that, to date, they have done exceedingly well.

Culture: Originaly slaves of the Decorous empire, The Netomi broke free under the guidence of their now mythlogical first Grand Master, who showed them the way to fight without weapons. The way of the Monk is still strong within Netomi society, despite all the new weapons and sciences they now have. As such desiplane and structure play strong parts in there lives.

The Netomi still feel a burning will for freedom, and a deep morale urge to right injustices, it is for this reason that most all Netomi serve within the galactic police, bringing order and harmony back to the universe. Yet a few Netomi choose not to follow the path, these few are not looked down upon, for it was often ones such as these who gifted the race for new technology for generations to come.

Shikana Brood Aseru

The shikana of the hivemind Aseru appear different to all others of there kind, they possess a keen will to evolve beyond the limitions of simple instincts. They allied themselves with the Dark Jurai against there own kind, and as such earnt a place within the Empire. The shikana of this brood now holds several hive worlds within Dark Juraian space.

Military: The power of this brood is questionable. The shikana, or some of them, have evolved human like appearence and even possess cities of human-like nature. For all that large creatures still serv the hive worlds, and many of the more bizare forms may possess abilites as of yet unknown. One thing is known, Aseru has several Kashikana under her control, Dark Juraian/Shikana hybrids, warriors of devastating prowess.

Culture: The ways of the shikana are hard to understand at the best of times. Many such creatures of this race are simply servants to other more powerful members, and the Brood of Aseru is no expection. However, Aseru it seems has created a strand of Shikana, for reasons unknown, that appear for the most part, free of will.

These human-like Shikana go about there lives expanding the hives and helping the race flourish. Aseru also makes use of them in dealing with other races of the alliance as they appear less intimdating and scarey. However many of these shikana do not understand the ways of societys and often become flustered and haplessly confused.