Dark Jurai: Armor

The Dark Jurai as a race focus intently upon martial combat, and as such, make us of armor that reflects and compliments this style of choice. Unlike most races, whose armor simply gets bulkier and heavier with progression, the Dark Jurai instead place emphasizes upon flexibility and mobility. To this end they employ a light weight reinforced body armor, to allow troops to fight at optional efficiency while still sustaining a moderate degree of protection.

To achieve these aims the Dark Jurai make use of a variety of armor types for various troops and situations. These run the gambit from the heavy armor of ancients, to the more lithe, agile armor of the common day troops. Listed below are examples of the most commonly used armors and there key components.

The Bodysuit: Considering the army is largely composed of female soldiers, and the high demand for unrestrictive armor, the bodysuit has been adapted as the key starting point for most armor types. The bodysuit itself is a form fitting, one piece garment, reaching from the shoulders to the thighs. While typically worn beneath stronger, outer armors, the suit itself is a form of armor, the effects of which vary dependent upon the base materials used in its manufacturing. Several examples are presented below in the army's standard listings.

Scout Armor: This set is modest, if not simplistic in its design. It consists of a single bodysuit, cloak, gloves, boots, and an over the eye scanner. The bodysuit and cloak are both made out of Ghost whisper thread, genetically altered with Shikana camo genes, and then chemically treated with biofibers. The result is that the fabric, usually a simple gray, when activated by a persons body heat, will adjust its coloration to blend into whatever background surrounds it. The cloak can be wrapped around with the hood up to offer near full concealment. Additionally the cloths biofibers allows effected areas to harden to near steel like strength in counter to sudden impacts. The boots and gloves are made of hardened leather, and when activated, via the eye mounted scanner, become cohesive, allowing the climbing of trees, cliffs etc. The scanner itself can watch for heat, sound or motion and naturally possesses a night to day enhancer.

Shock Armor: This is the standard armor of a Dark Juraian soldier. It contains a impact reactive monoflex (IRMFlex) bodysuit, a shikana scale vest, broad, flat, chitin shoulders, and a biosteel weave skirt. All this is coupled with a thin GA (Geneticaly Altered) M shaped red wood mask, embedded with 3 black gems, and black, knee high, hard leather boots, the front extending upwards to cover the knee. The bodysuit, like the scout armor, solidifies against impact, and the shikana scales are particularly hard, yet lightweight. The skirt is made out of a lab grown plant, flexible yet with the durability of steel. The face mask actually generates a weak field, pushing incoming fire somewhat away from the head, they also have a slide down, over the eyes visor, for night to day enhancement.

Assault Armor: In appearance this armor is nearly the twin of shock armor, but appearing in a gold, black combination rather than red black, but appearances are deceiving. The bodysuit is made of a thick cloth, consisting of finely woven Dark Juraian plants, metallic threads, and imbued with specific biofibers. The end result is a fabric highly resistant to extreme heats, supplying good protection against lasers, and some forms of energy weapons. The vest is constructed out of lab grown gold dragon scales, although a rare few make use of the more powerful true scales. Thus the vest is both resilient to psychical and energy based attacks. The rest of the body armor functions the same as Shock Armor.

Stalker Fatigues: Once again this green, black armor appears similar to the Shock armor but is uniquely different. The bodysuit is woven from lab grown plants drenched in shikana biofibers. The outcome is a suit that while highly durable, is also extremely resistant to the corrosive effects such as those employed by creatures of the wild. The vest is constructed from either lab grown green dragon scales, or of those harvested from the wilds. The scales are both resistant to energy and corrosive effects. Again, the rest of the armor functions the same as previous designs. Stalker Fatigues saw popular use in the latter Shikana wars due to its effectiveness versus the powerful beasts, it has since fallen out of popularity with all the recent projectile based warfare.

Light Infantry Armor: Designed to be used by ranged infantry, while highly mobile it is not meant for close combat. It consists of a full bodied suit woven from lab created plants, containing a reasonable resistance to energy based attacks. The shoulders and outer thighs are padded with thick synsteel cloth, and a vest of IRMFlex padded with biowood plates protects the chest. A deflector circlet sits about the head with a mounted scanner over the right eye, to assist with targeting.

Heavy Infantry Armor: Here the energy emissive suit is taken to the next level, the synsteel pads are removed and replaced with bio engineered ultra wood (light weight enhanced steel like wood). As well a thick biowood chest plate replaces the vest, and additional plates are added to the forearms and shins. An actual biowood helmet covers the head, a air purification mask covering the nose and mouth, and a tactical visor over the eyes. The visor supplies night to day amplification, zoom vision, heat and motion sensors. Additionally a weapon sight can be plugged into the suit to allow the wearer to see exactly where a gun is pointing.

Psi Armor: The Psychoreactive Force Projection Field is the most unrestrictive and lightweight armor within the Dark Jurai. The suit itself is little more than a black jeweled Tiara, two forearm bracers and matching shin bracers. The five items tap into the wearer's personal power, harnessing and focusing it into the force projection field. As such, only those with some degree of actual power are capable of utilizing this armor. With its strong deflective qualities the P.F.P. Field offers considerable defense against ranged based attack, forcing them away from the wearer. But the armor is not impregnable, it places considerable strain upon the users psyche, draining there mental reserves, and collapsing should a user run out of energy. The armor is also particularly vulnerable to close combat, offering little to no protection against such close ranged attacks.

Wraith Armor: The armor of the dreaded Shadow Guard, the elite of Dark Jurai. Its very design and appearance a seeming work of art. It begins with the traditional bodysuit, but that is where tradition ends. The bodysuit is made from the skin of the deadly Netherwraith Stalker, a beast native to the worlds of Dark Jurai. The creatures skin makes the suit resistant to energy attacks, allowing a small portion of hostile energies to wash harmlessly off it. Even more the skin absorbs a small amount of sound, dulling its wearers movements, and the rattle of anything carried or worn against it. Additionally an allurian metal breastplate is worn overtop of it (a lightweight and exceedingly tensile alloy that is incredibly difficult to forge.) Biowood shoulder plates, shaped like dragon heads, fingerless gauntlets carved like scales, and thick knee high leather boots provide even further protection. The standard skirt is forgone, instead biowood plates covering the outside of the thighs, a synsteel tabard hanging down from the waist at both the front and back. Last of all a billowing black stealth cloak drapes from the shoulders, and a H shaped mask rests upon the brow. The mask actually generates a small protective field for the face and possesses a slide down visor with all the various scanners of previous armors. The entire outfit is midnight black and while sacrificing some mobility, offers great survivability

Ancestria Forge: AKA Ancient Armor is referred to as such because its design and use is ancient to the Dark Juraian people. Though uncommon in today's use it is still the ultimate in armor available. This set of full bodied plate is constructed out of the same bioengineered crystalin ultra wood, as a Starships hull plating. This armor is heavy. It is also semi aware, registering any damage to itself and initiating a regeneration process, or pressurizing the wounds of its wearer. Built in anti grav pods in the boots, allow the suit to make unnaturally high jumps into the air, and unusually quiet landings, although only in small bursts. Many Ancestria often also have key claws built into one or both gauntlets, offering additional weaponry to whatever else the wearer may carry. The Ancestria is a fully enclosed suit, capable of producing its own oxygen and is even usable in spacial combat.

Bioatmospheric Purifier: While not traditionally an armor at all, the B.A.P is capable of being worn with any of the listed armors or even on its own and serves an important roll within the Dark Jurai military. Using special bio chemicals, the small black filter cups over the nose and mouth, sticking comfortably to the face in the same way the face masks do. When active, certain bacterial agents filter harmful substances out of the air, creating a clean breathable oxygen.