Dark Jurai: Melee Weapons

Synth Blades: Synth is a type of lab created biowood. With a solid but flexible nature, and as tensile as steel, it serves as the backbone for the Dark Juraian army. It comes in many types of weapons, daggers, swords, two handers, naginatas, and other less popular verities. Being Dark Juraian made all Synth blades are of good quality, but given the high demand, and the need for readily available weapons, they lack the true excellence the race prides itself on. As such they shall always be, weapons of the masses.

Bokken: These swords essentially only exist for training purposes, for use by early beginners, or in intense spars between experts, they are not suitable for live combat. Constructed out of the finest woods, expertly carved, and lovingly detailed, it is not uncommon for Bokkens to possess more artistic depth than the Synth blades of their owners.

Wraith Claw: The claw of a young Netherwraith Stalker serves as the blade for this large dagger. A dulled gray white, it has a razor edge, and is never in need of sharpening. So great is its cutting potential that many forms of light armor, and a few medium, are completely ineffective against it. This, coupled with its tough, durable nature, make it an excellent survival knife.

Pionus Fangs: This weapon appears in the form of fingerless gauntlets, that extend out, back over the wrist and forearm, with two vicious spikes curving outward in front of the hand. Reinforced these weapons are capable of blocking attacks, and with razor tips make savage slashes. However their true strength exists as a stabbing weapon, for built into the gauntlet is a small chamber for housing poison. Pressure sensitive, when stabbed into a foe, the Fangs release a dose of whatever poison is stored within, results are often fatal.

Combat Staff: Though simple sounding, The Dark Juraian combat staff is constructed out of the same ultrawood alloy that lines starship hulls. While this super resilient material does add to the staffs weight, it also makes it nigh indestructible to all forms of conventional attack. Able to deflect even energy blades, the combat staff is an excellent bludgeoning weapon, capable of smashing its way through armored foes with great force.

Ti-Shin Blades: These lightless, obsidian colored blades are constructed from an alloy composed of Biowood and Ti-relam steel. Exceedingly strong, these weapons are almost always of master quality, crafted to the greatest abilities of the forger, and inlaid with loving detail. Weapons of honor, tradition, and pride, they are often found in the possession of favored soldiers and wealthy civilians. Like Synth blades they come in many types, but unlike their lessers they have extremely keen blades, and it is not uncommon for them to cut a lesser weapon in half.

Lighting Spear: With an ultrawood haft and a Ti-relam tip, a lighting spear is a considerably tough weapon. Further more the bioelectrical current built into the spear, and focused on the tip, make for an increasingly menacing device. When the tip is fully submerged within something it unleashes a potent electrical pulse every 10 seconds. Designed as a weapon to be used against Shikana it is well weighted, and makes for a perfectly good throwing weapon, as well as a close quarter spear.

Spine Blade: These weapons are constructed from the bones of Shikana, often spines or claws. Durable by nature, the key feature all these swords have in common is the large serrated edging that runs the length of the blades. Used to shred, not to simply cut, they tear large chunks out of their foes, often inflicting great pain and suffering. The barbed hooks also make it good for hacking into an opponents armor, tearing strips away with each swing.

Key Blades: The signature weapons of the Dark Jurai, Key blades appear as little more than a biowood hilt encasing an intricate crystal matrix, capable of focusing the dark energies of its wielder and environment. Only usable by those of the races blood, when activated the hilt produces a blade of dark black energy. Burning with potent forces a key blade slices through most metals and organic matter with apparent ease, only halting against extremely dense or energy resistant materials. Further more key swords are capable of producing two wings, protective energy barriers, in front of themselves to defend against incoming fire.

Key Two Hander: Two handed key blades are rare, as they lack the weight most wielders are after, but for those who desire a long reach, light weapon, they make an ideal choice. Obviously meant to be used with two hands, it produces a long fat blade of energy, large enough to be used defensively against incoming fire. Due to the strain of creating such a large blade, it is incapable of producing key wings.

Key Claws: Designed as a fingerless gauntlet to be worn over the wielders hand, key claws make for easily carried light weight weaponry. When activated the glove produces three claws of energy, notably much shorter than any key sword. They are ideal for close in fighting, or as a defensive off hand. Due to the tri blades of the weapon, the key claw is capable of producing only one wing.

Key Naginata: The largest of the key weapons the Naginata has a long haft, similar in design to a combat staff, producing its dreaded blade at the far end. Its unique design made it greatly popular in the Shikana wars, wear it added additional reach to soldiers against creatures to which one did not wish to get to close. An additional feature of the Naginata is that, with the blade unsummoned, a wielder can spend a moment to form a charge, then unleash a bolt of crackling dark energy at their foes. A potent weapon the Key Naginata is capable of producing two key wings.

Shirow Blades: Created from a bluish glowing metal of the same name, Shirow blades are only ever of master quality. Capable of withstanding extreme physical and energy based torment, Shirow weapons are incredibly durable, but that is not why they are so heavily desired. Shirow is capable of reflecting some of the power of its wielder, allowing a skilled power user to sheath the blade in potent energies. Such a weapon has the advantages of both worlds, energy and physical, and the disadvantages of neither.

True Shirow: Only the rarest of Shirow is capable of being purified to this extreme, and thus such blades are exceedingly rare. In the hands of the unskilled they appear as little more than ordinary blades, albeit extraordinarily made and near unbreakable. But in the hands of a master they become swathed in destructive energies, a blaze with the wielders own fury. Such weapons possess unique abilities and powers specific to each blade. They exist only in the hands of the greatest of warriors.