Dark Jurai: Ranged Weapons

While it is true the Dark Jurai favor closed range combat, it would be foolish to believe they had not considered the strengths and advantages of ranged weaponry. To this end they have employed the use of uniquely developed weaponry, catering to there specific needs. Suppressive fire, elimination of hard targets, weakening of superior numbers. In the Dark Jurai firearms have a time, and a place.

For the most part the Dark Jurai use two types of firearms. The first is laser weaponry, some sort of gun that burns or melts its targets. The second is dark energy. D.E. behaves in ways uncommon to most energy weapons, it burns with a freezing cold, and explodes or spreads on impact. The Dark Jurai also make use of several Netomi weaponry innovations, examples included below.


Striker Mk6: The latest in the Striker series, the Mk6 is a large long barreled handgun. It uses a standard energy clip, and while only capable of a slow rate of fire, is able to hit a target out to medium range. The striker utilizes an advanced cellular design to create a penetrating beam of super heated light. Able to tear through most forms of light body armor it is a popular choice on the battlefield.

Black Rippler: Created over several 1,000 years ago by a now defunct weapon company known as Black Inc, the rippler has proven itself to be a design capable of withstanding the test of time. The rippler is a light weight handgun fitted with a fluro sight, capable of only being seen through a combat visor. Able to fire in both single and three round bursts, the rippler can unleash a quick barrage of silent and deadly super heated spheres. Though ineffective against heavy body armor, these spheres tear up unarmored targets making it an ideal weapon for stealth missions.

Inshala: Named after its designer, the Inshala has an unusually large bore barrel and runs on a dark energy cell clip. The weapon is capable of semi automatic fire, though it has surprisingly strong recoil for an energy weapon. When the trigger is depressed it unleashes bolts of dark energy at a moderate pace, these bolts spread on impact, tearing large holes into there victims or some types of armor.

Icesis Inpenra: Designed by professor Inpenra in the first shikana war as a way to combat the resistant nature of shikana carapaces it meet with reasonable success. Later it proved equally successful versus both Decorous and Techoren armors. The Icesis runs on a dark cell clip but the gun also houses a power cell core, which is used to continuously cool the chamber of the barrel. When fired a burst of dark energy enters the chamber, is flash frozen, then propelled from the gun as a solid projectile to stab into its opponent before exploding. Though only effective against a few types of armor, its high rate of fire more than makes up for this.

Assault Weapons

Immolator: Another Black Inc weapon, the Immolator is a large two handed gun with a long narrow barrel connected to a large plated tank that is worn over the users back. The tank is filled with a chemical substance infused with Dark Juraian energy. When fired the liquid is forced down the barrel and ignited, spraying out as a swath of blue black flames. The fires are particularly sticky and long lasting, and while the Immolator is short ranged, it has proven to be highly effective against all manner of creatures. Additionally the chemical substance within the tanks are not overly explosive and only ignite under a certain process, making them relatively safe to use.

Losun Impaler: A short, but wide barreled gun with two hand grips, the Impaler is one of the few Dark Juraian weapons to use actual ammunition, rather than energy based cartridges. The impaler fires large shards of crystallized Dark Juraian energy, loaded through an 8 shard cartridge in the butt of the gun. Capable of semi automatic fire, and reaching up to medium range, the shard is fired through a combination of explosive energy and condensed air pressure. The shard is able to pierce most forms of body armor, usually exploding about 1 second after impact, as such it is a highly effective weapon against armored foes.

Prytin Thunderer: This large, two handed cannon, runs on spherical energy cells, rather than a standard clip. It was designed as a means to allow standard troops to bring heavy support fire to the battlefield. When fired the Thunderer creates a spherical blast of dark energy, at short range this can be fired directly into the target, but must be fired in an upward arc to reach anything out to medium range. Upon impact the blast explodes outwards, hitting anything within a 10ft radius with destructive force, totally negating some forms of armor. While able to fire as a semi automatic weapon it must be reloaded every 5 shots, and contains considerable recoil.

Diablo Infernus: A relatively new weapon for the Dark Jurai, the Infernus is a two handed, wide and square barreled cannon of a gun, with 4 small focusing lenses at the end of the barrel. Running on a twin energy clip and utilizing an advanced energy projection system, the Infernus when fired launches a bolt of burning super heated light and air. Looking more like a blazing comet or fireball, than any beam, the bolt impacts with a voilent force throwing the target backwards and threatening to burn right through them. Able to hit targets at medium range the Infernus comes with its own inbuilt scope, and force reactive inhibiters greatly reduce kickback.


Flameweave Pulser: The heart of the Dark Jurai, the Pulser is a black rifle constructed from heat resistant metals and plastics. Possessing little recoil it is a highly accurate weapon capable of hitting targets out to long range. Equipped with single, burst and fully automatic modes of fire the weapon is capable of firing at a respectably fast pace. When fired the weapon produces a long, narrow, high powered laser stream. Inbuilt computers regulate the stream, cutting it on and off, creating many separate laser beams, and preventing dangerous heat levels. The laser stream is a high impact attack, tearing with a burning intensity into its targets.

Azrin Viper: A lightweight assault rifle, the Viper has a narrow barrel with a secondary, short, broad barrel mounted on top of the first. Designed as a support weapon to offer cover fire for advancing close combat troops, the Viper sees frequent use within the Dark Jurai military. With almost no recoil, the Viper strikes with excellent precision even in full auto, rapidly churning out hundreds of small blazing spheres of scorching heat. Additonaly an Azrin comes with an inbuilt infra, laser targeter, visible only through a guards visor. Mounted on top of the rifle is the Flash Pulse Cannon, the Azrin's secondary weapon. When fired this unleashes a small brilliant sphere of light that explodes harmlessly on impact in a blinding flash of white light.

Onyx Banehammer: This heavy weight assault rifle can barely be carried by one infantry soldier and is commonly fired from a crouching or prone position, due to the weapons considerable recoil and kickback. Originally designed as a weapon to tear into large sized creatures, it has proven itself equally effective against more humanoid opponents and is seeing frequently increased battlefield usage. When fired the Banehammer produces a sphere of raging black energies, on impact these explode in a 10inch diameter, often tearing large chunks out of its target. Able to fire in both semi automatic and three round burst modes, the Onyx strikes with vengeance even at long range.

Stormcrow Incinderya: The Stormcrow is a medium weight rifle developed as a means to combat creatures with strong regenerative abilities, to which it succeeded with reasonable success. It possesses a long extended barrel, a moderate degree of recoil, and fires exceptionally fast in full auto. A sound damping device is attached at the end of the barrel, to keep the already loud noise within tolerable levels. The Stormcrow actually runs on belt feed, black crystal bullets, filled with a freezing blue/black liquid. On impact the crystal brakes apart, releasing the freezing substance into the victims blood stream and internal organs, often resulting in exceedingly agonizing deaths.

Sniper Rifles

Si-Onyx Needler: An advanced laser rifle, the needler exists as a long range weapon of death. Fitted with motion reduction pads, and recoil stabilizers, it is an exceedingly accurate weapon. Its already potent accuracy is then further enhanced by the inclusion of a top mounted Bio Scope, capable of night to day amplification, quick zoom vision, and heat sensory. When fired the needler unleashes a narrow bolt of intense white heat. Capable of penetrating almost all forms of armor, the needler only tears a small hole through its target, coupled with a slow fire rate, a user must aim its target well before firing.

Gravpulse Screamer: The latest in Netomi technologies, the Screamer is a gravitational flux projection rifle. This heavy weight weapon is coated in an outer layer of liquid silver camo alloy, which causes the rifle to reflect the images of its surroundings. A tactical combat scope is mounted on top of the rifle, capable of target tracking, three dimensional x-ray image rendering through heat and motion sensors, and light enhancement, reduction features. The rifles fires by creating a momentary grav well within itself, projecting the instabilities down the barrel towards the target. The flux round appears as little more than a blurred distortion, although the accompanying boom often betrays its presence, and strikes with violent concussive force.

Retributer: This is a light weight rifle with two barrels, both almost fully enclosed within a black wood shell, the larger, secondary barrel positioned over top of the first. A simple, small scope is built into the top of the rifle, showing distance, with image clarification features. The weapon utilizes two forms of ammo, a blue/black liquid clip for the primary, and black crystal shells for the secondary. Capable of firing with varying degrees of low recoil in semi auto, burst, or full auto modes, the weapon can unleash a quick barrage of flash frozen dark energy shells at impressively long range. For heavier firepower the secondary barrel can be used, releasing highly potent explosive rounds.

Heavy Weapons

Trionics Pacifier: This large square shaped cylinder possesses four broad tubes and is constructed out of a specially developed biowood substance. Designed to be fired from over the shoulder, it is a weapon with considerable kickback, and runs on extra large energy spheres, loaded in at the back. The Pacifier is able to link in with a heavy infantry suit, supplying a visor based targeting system, otherwise a user must free aim the weapon. When fired, it launches a bolt of black energy down one of its tubes, rotating from tube to tube per shot. Able to fire a single, double, or all four tubes at once, although with increasing kickback, the Pacifier makes for a devastating weapon. On impact a bolt explodes in a nova of crackling black energy.

Grav Cannon: With this innovation the Netomi take their gravitational technologies to the next level. This excessively broad two handed cannon has a rectangle shape, the narrowest sides serving as the base and top of the weapon. Requiring some time to charge, the Grav Cannon operates through creating its own grav well, but unlike its lesser brethren it uses the wells own gravitational effects to launch it outwards from the weapon. The resulting launch causes the gravitational well to become destabilized, collapsing in on itself even as it streaks its considerable range across the battlefield. On impact the wells collapse is complete, triggering a ravaging blast of gravitational fields

Lancer Cannon: This massive cannon is to large to be carried by a single soldier and requires two individuals to properly carry and operate the weapon. 9ft in length this cylinder shaped device is constructed from heat resistant synthwood, and operates on an intense multi cellular energy cores, or more commonly is plugged directly into a portable power source. The Lancer in truth is just a scaled down version of the Dark Jurai's starship based Lance Cannon. When fired it generates an immense stream of incinerating laser firepower, capable of penetrating through almost all forms of defense.


Psi: A disc shaped device, a pin is removed from the center, and then the disc is hurled outward towards the enemy. 10 seconds later the disc will release a violent pulse of stored psionic energy. A brutal psionic shock is deliver to the minds of anyone within 20ft of the device, though non lethal the shock is highly painful and disorientating. Effects vary, some may recover within minutes, others weeks.

Acidic: This large spherical device is activated by pressing the top down and twisting it around 180 degrees, once done so a person has 6 to 10 seconds, dependent upon how far additionally turned, before it explodes. Upon eruption the weapon spews a thick green goo over everything in a 15ft radius. Exposure to air causes the biological substance to become active, breaking down genetic makeup of whatever its in contact with.

Pulse: A Netomi weapon, this small spherical device is activated by pressing the center down and then two buttons on the side. The weapon can be preset with the time till detonation, ranging from 5 seconds to 10 minutes, so can either be thrown or planted as a bomb. When triggered the weapon generates a sudden nova of laser energy in a horizontal arc, decimating everything 10ft around it.