Dark Jurai: Vehicles

The Dark Jurai possess a variety of vechiles, both large and small, designed to forfuil a list of jobs as vast as the empire is culturaly deep. This list is not a be all or end all, and focuses mostly on militry based vechiles. One can assume in many cases that civilian varients of these exist, though obviously in much faster, luxurious, and weaker forms.

Hover Vehicles

Hoverbikes - High Preformance
Sleek, fast, with high manverability this machine is an all terrain beast. The Felcus stands as one of the most popular brands, sturdy and reliable it allows for rapid accerlation, and high end speeds. With the simple flip of a switch the Felcus engines run ultra quiet, though at the sacrifice of some preformance. Some varients of this bike have even been equipped with a stealth field, making them idle for covert missions. These bikes however possess only the lightest of armors and so do not last long under enemy fire.

Hoverbikes - Heavy Duty
Powerful, grunty, and well armored, with protective screens and plates for the pilot, these machiens are designed to be driven at high speed into the very heart of battle. Several varients of this bike enjoy popular use. One such varient, the Halawing, is designed as a two seater bike with a comparement on the right hand side for storage. These are often used as a fast means for Heavy Weapon teams to deploy and then rapidly redeploy. Another varient, the Celetter, has rapid fire weaponry mounted on either side of the bike, allowing the pilots to make rapid hit and run attacks.

Glider Transports
The Glider is the Dark Juraian version of a hover truck (though it in no way resembles a truck). A glider has the sleek bullet like appearence of a shuttle, but should in no way be mistaken as one. Shuttles possess true flight, are capable of deep space passage, and have rear engines, Gliders as hover vechiles are able a limited degree of flight a set distance off the ground. Gliders however are expectionally well armored, and still maintain a high degree of speed. They come in several sizes, some only good for a 6 man squad, others 10, and the biggest packing a full 20. These transports are also sometimes equipped with roof mounted defensive weapons. Often rapid fire laser's to offer disembarking troops cover fire, but soemtimes they carry heavyier weapons to help soften up an enemy for the charge. Whatever the case, such vechiles only ever carry one, or two weapons at most.

Battle Walkers

These are the heavy weapons of the Dark Jurai. Humanoid shaped battle mecha, often only reaching 15ft in height, light to moderate armor, and highly manveriable, they bring heavy weapons rapidly to the front. They assist the Dark Jurai in their hit and run tactiics and each walker on the field is normally specialised to one of three roles. Tank Hunter, Anti Air, or Infantry Destroyer. Battle Walkers can not survive long under heavy fire, so preffer to ambush there enemy, oblierating them under devastating fire, then quickly withdrawing.

Battle Walker - Light Assault
The Sin'thar Battle Walker, named after a rapidly fast moving shikana, is a high speed war machine often used for recon or rapid redeployemnt. It sports a light weight frame, with powerful fast strides, although it is also capable of taking slow, soft steps, which the other Walkers lack. It is equipped with anti grav jump boosters on its back, allowing it to jump over or up, or even down, large distances with controled landings. Enviro paint, combined with a camo field, allows stationery walkers to blend into their surroundings. The Sin'thar also comes equipped with an enhanced sensor array, allowing it to counter stealth and track mutli targets at greater ranges than the other two walkers. It however only comes armed with one or two weapons, and its light armor only ensures safty from small arms fire.

Battle Walker - Medium Assault
The Jugar serves as the Dark Jurai medium assault BW, the most popular varient on the field. It still maintains a respectable degree of speed, while supporting medium grade armor, and a host of weapon systems. It is definatly the Jugar's weapons that have lead to its success, supporting sevearl weapons bays simultaniously allows the Jugar to tear an infantry squad a part in under a minute, or unleash a hellish barrage upon an unsuspecting tank. It is even possible to equip the Jugar with the anti grav jump booster, though due to the increased weight these will not travel as far, and will jump less often.

Battle Walker - Heavy Assault
Armed and armored to the point of being ponderous the Behemoth is the strongest and most heavily equipped of all the battle walkers. It possesses thick all round armor, allowing it to even handle some forms of heavy weapons fire, and is armed with sevearl of its own heavy weapons, not to mention additional banks of massed medium arms fire. However it is far from quiet, and its slow speed makes it a poor choice for hit and run tactics. For these reasons the Behemoth is normally only deployed in large scale battles, where front line confronation is considered inevitable and the staying power of a heavy unit actually considered an asset. Due to its extreme weight and lack of avaialbe space Behemoths can not have Jump Boosters.

War Walkers

These are to the Dark Jurai what tanks are to the Techoren. War Walkers are beastial shaped machines commonly reasonbly a huge cat. Its four legs allow it to rapidly move across all forms of terrain regardless of sloop or roughness and maintain a strong degree of manverability. All War Walkers are well armored, though some more than others. War Walkers forfuil the rule of mobile heavy armor, typically carrying only one or two extra large heavy weapons, they bring firepower beyond the means of the more mimble Battle Walkers to the front.

Panther - Swift War Walker
Swift War Walkers are, as the name suggests, the lightest and most nimble of their kind. Capable of swiftly sprinting across open terrain, they are also armed with razored claws, allowing skilled pilots to crush unweary enemies beneath them. Panthers have a single or duel weapons armament over their back. This most commonly is either a twin mounted lancer turret for anti tank, or tri barrled heavy banehammer cannons mounted on the left and right sides of a slooped back. Shots from the heavy banehammer cannons explode in 3ft dimeinter blasts, at 6 shots a round it tears into infantry squads and lightly armored vechiles.

Stalker - Barrage War Walker
Despite its solid armor the Stalker is intended to maintain its distance from the enemy, though is equipped for closer range combat. The Stalker was designed for the Second Shikana Wars with the lessons they learnt from the first. Its role? Devastating clustered enemies. It has 3 bays of 4 black matter rocket tubes across its back, and two direct fire blaze launchers on either side. The blaze launchers serv as anti tank, though it does require the stalker to be reasonbly close. The 12 black matter launches fire upwards, arcing over and then come down to explode behind enemy lines. If the Stalker is close to its desired targets it is able to lock onto up to three targets, guiding each bays fire towards them. Through this method the stalker can ensure a wide spread of destruction.

Cougar - Ordinance War Walker
Well armored the Cougar serves as the muscle of the War Walkers, staying close to the front lines, offering both supportive fire, and thundering ordence shots. The main weapon of the Cougar is the Nova Cannon, mounted firmly on its back this large weapon fires a mighty blast of dark energy that explodes with shattering force in a large nova of black energy around the point of impact. Additionally it features a twin mounted Azrin Viper turret on each shoulder (without the flare attachment) allowing it to unleash heavy supportive fire. The main weakness of the Cougar is its limited speed, making it very diffcult for it to keep up with a rapidly moving force.